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Mobile Website Design

Mobile website will be a mobile browser compatible website viewable on all major smart phones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. It will be a 10 page mobile website designed using your website theme and logo.

10 Page mobile website:
It will be custom designed as per your current website theme and logo. Site will be a 10 static page mobile website that will have all important aspects of your current website with Contact us page. We can put your menus and other important info that you want your mobile users would like to read about.


Contact us page will work on a mobile browser just like a mobile app:
Tapping on the “Call Now” will get user connected to your phone number and they can book a table as well. Tapping on email will allow user to email you from their own mobile. Tapping on your url will take them to your main website. You can add-edit this via our provided admin (cms). We will also put Facebook and Twitter on your Contact us page so that your guests can follow you.

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Combine with our mobile apps packages for great savings!


Let me guess you were sitting on the train surfing the web when you thought you would check out your own website only to find that you can’t view it correctly because it is designed for a normal PC. If your website does not have a mobile web design version you are missing out on the increasing number of users who connect to the internet via a mobile device. So why not offer your site users the experience they deserve – a completely separate mobile version.

Consider this. Smartphone usage is increasing at an exponential rate these days and it is now considered a mainstream activity to shop and surf the web while on the move. Lets face it there is nothing more frustrating than trying to browse a normal website on a mobile, and it just doesn’t look good. This is exactly why your business needs a mobile web design that is readable, looks good with consistent branding and most importantly gives users a way to contact your business with the one tap click to call function
How does it work?

Kaizen Digital will create a mobile web design of your site using your company’s branding, logos, colour schemes and layout which looks fantastic on a small screen. Mobile versions of websites have fewer graphics for easy loading, making it a snap to navigate to your money page.

After we have completed your mobile web design we insert a script which automatically detects whether users visit your site from a standard pc or a mobile phone. If they’re visiting via mobile, they are redirected to a sub domain of your site which contains the mobile version. Typically the sub domain is m. so for example if you click on from your mobile device the page will automatically redirect to

Pretty cool is it not? Giving your mobile users this experience also allows you to target offers such as restaurant vouchers, gift certificates and other special offers to your customers when they are right on your door step
So what are you waiting for? Contact Kaizen Digital today and find out how to get started.