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eLearning Solutions and Online Course developer

Kaizen Digital has over a decade of experience delivering both fully online and blended workshops (combining face to face and online engagement) to a wide range of audiences.

Following latest industry standard instructional design principles such as clearly stipulating subject learning outcomes, working collaboratively, logical flow of lesson planning, implementing practical activities to reinforce the learning process and timely knowledge checks (including quizzes, assignments, or long answer questions), we aim to deliver a seamless learning experience for end users.

In general, we encourage a wide range of material including written text for required readings, informative videos, online lectures, interviews with experts, and links to external resources where appropriate.  We can guide you in every step to enable your firm to provide world class online training courses whether internally to your staff or externally to clients.

Beyond these core aspects we also an extensive range of functionality including:

  • WP
  • LMS
  • Custom design
  • Tiered memberships
  • Live webinars
  • Landing and sales pages
  • Graphic design
  • Videography
  • Server maintenance
  • Advanced quizzing and gradebook functionality
  • Payment gateways
  • Dynamic instructor and student forums
  • Graduate certification
  • Instructional design
  • Real time reporting and assignment management
  • Activity streams
  • Progress charts
  • IP and restricted content protection
  • Event booking
  • Course upgrades
  • Affiliate program
  • Marketing automation based on targeted event sequences, triggers and actions
  • Security including 2 factor authentication
  • Notetaking functionality
  • Admin, teacher, students access levels
  • Memberships
  • Browser testing
  • Mobile/ responsive
  • Live chat technical function with disable/enable feature
  • Request call back form
  • One on one online coaching
  • And much, much more
Online training program

Of course, we also adhere to technological standards that ensure your intellectual property is protected, data security of users, and fast and simple navigation of your custom built learning management solution.

Preparation of Materials
  • Convert word docs to PPTs
  • Convert PPTs to Online Lectures
  • Custom content curation

Marijuana & Cannabis Research

Graphics Portfolio
Documentary Film Production

We only work on fascinating, mind bending projects

  • Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Director
  • Writer
  • Script writing
  • Film crews
  • Pre/post production
  • Brainstorming
  • Pitch – consultation & delivery
  • Project proposals & treatments
  • Budgets & more
Current Projects
  • Cultural documentary, world class lecture, ground breaking academic paper & book:
  • Pre-production promo
Marketing Videos
Kaizen Digital Marketing Videos

Please browse below a selection of the videos we have created

Social Media Strategy

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Workshop Guides

Bespoke facilitator and student workshop guides


How can podcasting help to promote your business?


Stand out from the competition

In the current environment of user generated content, podcasts offer the ability for anyone to become an expert in their industry. Podcasts are still relatively new and novel and do give your business the opportunity  to stand out.


Optimizing the podcast for the engines

Because podcasts are audio files, they are not as easy to rank as keyword text, however with the right systems in place they can find themselves to the top of Google. From a perspective of purely optimizing the podcast itself there are steps which need to be taken.  For example the name of your show should be well thought out and descriptive for the engines. In addition the mp3 file names must be keyword rich. It is also a good idea to submit to as many relevant podcast directories as possible and consider putting a transcribed version on the web.


Quality content still rules the roost

Like all web 2.0 material, ultimately the quality of the content is where best results will be had. For example it is advisable to mix up the submissions so that rather than just tedious monologues there are for example interviews with other recognized industry leaders.  Topical and relevant issues should be discussed and controversial matters embraced.


Benefits for Internet Marketing

From an internet marketing perspective, podcasts  offer the benefit of links back to your site. In addition, like all web 2.0 submitted content, podcasts can be bookmarked and sent to RSS feeds for maximum exposure. All of this of course will have a significant impact of your search engine rankings.


Kaizen Digital Services

We offer a unique submission service for podcasts that actually takes your video content and strips your audio content for submission as a podcast.  Touch base with us for more information on this service