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Information Management
  -  Information Management
we are highly experienced at coding, summarising, categorising, managing, writing, editing, and analysing the following types of digital content: government and policy documents, mass and niche media, editorials, industry periodicals, social media and user forums, Youtube, eCommerce platforms, works scope proposals, work group minutes, internal corporate communications, process documentation, technical writing guides, and much more.
Our team has the ability to synthesise complex information while conveying findings in a clear, search engine friendly manner based on strong keyword research, appropriate density, and technical formatting ‘on-page’ of titles, headings, and links, while also ensuring clear readability and logical information flows.
Stakeholder management, reporting, knowledge transfer, and customer engagement via digital platforms: Our team are comfortable engaging a range of stakeholders from executive directors of government departments to high profile industry CEOs, regulators, techs, quants, subject matter experts, accounts, academics, and the general public.
We take pride in reporting visually stimulating and factually accurate information to stakeholders across multiple platforms in ways that deliver complex information and jargon into clear, actionable insights.
Our team are equally at home leading well prepared workshops, stakeholder reporting meetings, brainstorming, planning, implementation, training, or team briefing sessions.