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Milestone Projects
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Concept: The driving idea behind the Tradesmen Australia Network can essentially be divided into four parts as seen below:
Problem: Tradesmen need a web presence which has good rankings on Search Engines to generate quality leads. Achieving that is expensive, frustrating and fraught with risk. Search Engine Optimisation is not an exact science, there is no degree for efficiency, so anyone can state they are an

creative Kids collective or cKc, provides a great place for creative kids Australia to express themselves. On this website members can upload photos, videos, what ever they want to their creative corner.

This website was built by Jade Subritzky (9 years old) for a passion project for the By The Sea stage 2 extension program. In other words, it was built by kids, for kids.

New Model Wreckers are proud to announce the launch of our new online store for beta testing. We have partnered with Shopify to bring the ultimate in convenience for our customers, and over the past few months we have been developing new technology that allows customers to connect to our database in real time. You can now purchase the parts you need in

As the cannabis industry has exploded in North America, hundreds of cannabis media have cropped up all over the internet. The custom-built search engine for niche media organizes headlines and first paragraphs of articles from almost 60 of the world’s leading cannabis focused media into one simple, and convenient place. The DB includes headlines of articles from major mass media and well-known industry