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Accounting Apps

Accounting App / Web App (Mobile App)

Main Advantages:
  • You can manage (add, edit, delete) your application content via our website.
  • No need to pay again and again for changes that you will want to make.
  • It stays in your customers mobile 24/7.
  • It will run on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Your photo, name, address, website, and email address.
  • About me – You can add a small description about yourself.
  • Educational Qualification – You can add info about your educational qualification.
  • Professional experiences – Everything that one CV has covering.
  • Other Achievements – You can also put your other achievements just like we put in our CV.
  • Your contact details – with Thank you.
  • The best part is that you can edit all of the above information by your self.

Available Platform

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*Prices include first 3 months maintenance fee, thereafter a monthly $20 fee will apply. Solutions with no ongoing fees also available, please contact us for more information