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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

SEO Competitor analysis Through To Detailed Competitive Intelligence

We offer competitor analysis on a myriad of levels from a basic overview which provides general information to comprehensive advanced competitive intelligence. Competitor analysis can really go extremely deep into the status of your competition. In addition to providing raw data, Kaizen Digital delivers easy to follow reports which can be compared with your own company’s site audit to identify clear opportunities and actionable suggestions.

We have packages to suit every budget that will undoubtedly improve the competitive advantage of your firm.

What Information Can Competitive Intelligence Reveal?

Below is a list of some of the information we can provide for your company. The list is far from substantive, but will certainly open your eyes to the possibilities of what Kaizen Digital can offer

  • What keywords are competitors ranking for?

Competitors SEO Report

    • What is the age and maturity of their site? As we all know Google bestows more trust on sites that have been around for a while.
    • Do they have a site with a large number of pages ? More pages = an opportunity to target more keywords
    • Does the site have analytics enabled? If they do then they have access to a valuable pool of information and are likely taking their online marketing seriously
    • Is the competition website W3C Compliant? If there are errors in the code some pages may not display correctly in different browsers
    • Is the site considered Trustworthy by the engines? Is there any malicous, untrustworthy or adult content?
    • What percentage of pages have a page Meta Tags description
    • Popularity: Has the site popularity improved or got worse over the last 3 months and what is the site popularity ranking?
    • Layout: Is the website search engine friendly in its layout. Is the information published in table form or does it make use of div elements and css?
    • Page Rank: An important component of the Google Algorithm
    • Visual Interest Report: What is the text to image ratio and what percentage of pages have images
    • Images status (eg how many non explicitly defined images, important because this contributes to browser conpatibility and page load speed)
    • Headings: Using defined headings is good for letting readers and engines know the basis of the content. It is handy to know if your competitor has got this right
    • Titles: Are page titles used appropriately?
    • URL Format: Is optimal URL formatting being utilized?
    • Alternative Text: Do images have an appropriate text equivalent?
    • Inoffensive Content – Bit of a no brainer
    • Accessibility: How accessible is the website to mobile and disabled users?
    • User Satisfaction: Does browsing the website offer a fulfilling experience?
    • Technology: What technology does the site use?
    • Alexa Report
    • Optimized for printing?
    • Xml sitemap?
    • Robots.txt
    • What % of internal links in the site could be better defined?
    • How many internal links use duplicate text to point to different pages?
    • How many internal links are missing descriptive (anchor) text.
    • Does the site use “no follow” attribute on internal links for page rank sculpting? Whether this is useful or detrimental is hotly debated by SEOs. Google’s take is that it will do more harm than good.
Backlink Analysis
  • What keywords are your competitors attempting to rank for?
  • From where do they procure their links?
  • What page rank are the pages providing links?
  • How many links stem from the source page? If there are more than a 100 or so the link value is diminished
  • Are any of the links “no follow” No follow will not help with SE optimization but can still offer high quality referred traffic
  • What anchor text is used? Helps to identify the keywords the company is targeting
  • RSS Feed?
  • Do they have a network of sites?
  • What viral marketing methods have they used?
  • Social media How many Tweets, and social bookmarking sites reference this page?
PPC Campaign Intelligence
  • What pay-per-click keywords are they biding on? Clearly very useful to be in the loop with this type of data
  • What is their daily adword budget? Again extremely handy to know
  • Average advertising position This will tell you if they are experienced PPC campainers and if they are getting the best value for their marketing spend
  • List of best paid keywords Which phrases get the best click through rates
General Company Information
  • Where is your competitor located?
  • What are the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are the marketing priorities for the firm?
  • Does the company have an affiliate program?

Product Information

If you would like Kaizen Digital to undergo a comprehensive competitive analysis please don’t hesitate to contact us