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Conversion optimization

Conversion Optimisation

Strange Times

The internet marketing world is a strange place at times. Recently there have been heads of big SEO companies coming out with ludicrous statements such as “conversion optimisation is the new SEO” or “conversion rate optimisation is the most underused and highest ROI activity in the marketing department”. If this is not stating the obvious I don’t know what is. The fact is (and always has been) that neither SEO nor Conversion Rate Optimisation are mutually exclusive, with each totally reliant on the other for success.

I have to wonder how much these guys are getting paid for their observations at times. As every business owner knows, having a lot of traffic is meaningless if those visitors leave the premises 2 seconds after they arrive. Conversely if you have the world’s most compelling content offering the steal of the century which no one knows about, an opportunity is clearly lost.


Defining Conversion

There are simply a staggering number of variables involved in conversion optimisation many of which are beyond the scope of our company (for example if you have a bad product, there is little optimising webpage conversions will do to help). For our purposes conversions does not mean an actual sale, but rather getting prospects to follow your call to action, whether that be to give you a call, drop you an email or opt in for a monthly newsletter.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Staying within these parameters is useful for narrowing the focus however there is still a vast number of attributes which contribute to the growth of conversion rates. It is important of course to use the correct tools for the job (and the conversion toolkit at Kaizen Digital is top class) however experience, dedication and grind are the true heroes here.

Industry leading conversion analytics assist Kaizen Digital with identifying these variables for the purpose of testing and tweaking for optimal results. Conversion rate optimisation is a continuous process of improvement which takes time, effort and finally reward.


Conversion Analytics

One tool we use allows us to find out exactly what users are doing inside your web pages by watching playable videos of actual browser behaviour! Using this technique you can capture every mouse move, key stroke and click of your onsite prospects, which means there are reports for where visitors look, click and how far they scroll down the page. It is even possible to see visitors who abandon the shopping cart, experience errors or can’t find what they are looking for.

As mentioned the key is interpreting this data into actionable reports and then implementing the appropriate changes to maximise your conversion rate optimisation. At the same time we keep a close eye on the usual SEO aspects such as site usability, visual interest, compelling and relevant content, site navigation and user satisfaction.