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Accurate Internal Linking Helps SEO
  -    -  Accurate Internal Linking Helps SEO

Internal linking for SEO

As a matter of course when SEO link building comes into the discussion, people tend to think of gaining to backlinks for increasing site popularity which as everyone knows is a key ingredient in the mix of ranking position. While internal links are the less famous SEO sibling, they still have an important role to play in the overall scheme of search engine optimization.

Making correct use of internal linking provides the opportunity to influence how effectively spiders can crawl the site, increase keyword relevance and increase the page rank. When dealing with thin margins, such issues can mean the difference between listing on page 1 or two. Furthermore well constructed internal links mean easier onsite navigation for users which can lead to lower “bounce rates”, higher user satisfaction and ultimately more conversions.

Besides these positive factors which internal linking SEO can encourage, there are also negative influences which can be repelled. For example you don’t want to confuse the search engines (who after all are not that bright), by having the same anchor text pointing to different pages. Moreover it is good to be explicitly clear in your anchor text descriptions.

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