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Ethical SEO
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Ethical SEO Starts With Google Webmaster Guidelines


Kaizen Digital is proud to strictly adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, so you can be absolutely certain that we do not engage in any of the practices which are known to cause penalties for your site.

Without going into too many details, these nefarious techniques include deceptive redirects,  cloaking, invisible text and link buying. The list is long and the risks are high, however your company has absolute piece of mind that we NEVER engage these techniques.


Building trust

Our focus is on building trust with our partners and believe our success is dependent on yours.  The heart of our operation is enhancing the reputation of our clients and their online presence.  I prefer to instead focus on what you can expect from our ethical SEO service.



For starters we believe in total honesty and every step will be explained clearly. Welcome to the mumbo jumbo free zone. Furthermore we place high value on good old hard work and an honest days pay. Our ethical SEO includes offering a quality service at a fair price – we don’t cut corners. SEO is a time consuming process if done correctly and we are prepared to roll our sleeves up.


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