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Find out about our flexible SEO packages

Affordable SEO pricing which offer great ROI and guaranteed results. Are you ready to start dominating the web and your competitors? Get in touch today


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Our SEO Packages are totally flexible and we hand you the control. Firstly it is a good idea to identify keywords which you want to rank for. Keywords should be both relevant to your business and also attract the highest possible number of visitors

1. Find keywords that you want to rank for

Google has the best stats for this so use the free Google Keyword tool

Please be sure to follow these steps:

  • Tick the [Exact], “Phrase” and Broad boxes to ensure the most accurate results
  • Make sure the location is set to Australia
  • Type in relevant words for your business
  • Check the “local” results in the box below. Local is the country you are searching, eg. Australia

Remember if you find it confusing we are more than happy to assist with this process during your free consultation. You can also find more information here about keyword research 

2. Contact us for your  free SEO consultation

  • The SEO consultation takes anywhere between 20 minutes – 1 hour depending on how detailed you would like our discussion to be.
  • During the consultation we will try to identify some opportunities for promoting your web property on the internet and outline what is involved in our SEO packages.
  • If you then feel you may like us to assist you with achieving your online goals we will then prepare a unique and detailed proposal for you to peruse which clearly outlines all SEO pricing, deliverables, approximate time lines and guarantees.
  • After discussions with the client, the keywords are approved.
  • We will then kick start your SEO package with an initial keyword ranking report which operates as a benchmark for the future.
  • Kaizen will also install Google analytics if necessary for detailed traffic statistics provided you can provide ftp access.

3. SEO packages get under way in earnest

  • On page SEO work is done. Either we will make recommendations for you or your developer to implement or in some cases we can make the changes ourselves. We will never make any changes to the site without prior approval from the client.
  • Kaizen Digital then begins to build laser targeted, highly focused links from relevant and authority sites back to your money pages.
  • This work is ongoing. A key component of SEO packages is the delivery detailed monthly search engine ranking reports and Google analytics statistics which will be explained to you in plain, easy to understand English. In this wazy you will always know how the campaign is progressing

4. Your business starts dominating competitors

As everyone in the Search engine optimisation business knows it is impossible to categorically guarantee results within a certain time frame. The Google Webmaster guidelines also warns anyone to be wary of a firm that does offer these guarantees.

Kaizen Digital is in full compliance with these guidelines, however what we can do is guarantee to work for free until results are achieved. Of course we have no relationship with Google or control over it’s algorithm but we can control how much time and effort we put into providing the most flexible SEO packages out there

Our standard guarantee is that we will get half of your targeted keywords on page 1 of Google within 6 months or we will conitune working for free until we achieve this result. This is a point that we will discuss when we present our proposal as there are variations depending on the competitiveness of the keywords being targeted. I am sure you will see that here at Kaizen Digital we offer not only the most flexible SEO packages out there, but also the most affordable SEO pricing in the business.

Contact Kaizen Digital for your free SEO consultation and find out how to start dominating your competitors today



*Campaigns under 3 words will incur a small one off set up fee.

*Please note all campaigns are different so precise guarantees will be agreed individually according to the competitiveness of the keyword, age of your domain and number of keywords targeted in the SEO package