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Measure Your Campaign With Google analytics

In order to track the progress of your SEO it is essential to engage site analytics so you can compare and improve your company’s campaign. Furthermore, analytics create clarity about where you stand and how far you progress. You can think of them as a line in the sand, a starting point from which it is possible to gauge future results.

Google provides an excellent analytics tool which provides comprehensive data concerning the activity on your website. It is relatively straight forward to insert the code into your site, and best of all its free. Indeed before you start any SEO campaign it is highly recommended that you get an analytics system in place

Information from Google analytics can be accessed in graphical or statistical formats and is very user friendly. Below is a list of some of the more extensive visitor stats you will receive including:

For starters you will receive extensive visitor stats including:

  • Number of visitors to your site – how many people arrived at your site daily or weekly
  • How many unique visitors – not to be confused with total visits
  • How many page views – how many total pages on your site have been viewed
  • Average amount of page views – for each visitor
  • Average amount of time onsite – how long does the average person view your site
  • Bounce Rate – refers to the percentage of people who arrive at your site and then immediately navigate away without visiting other pages. Clearly the lower percentage here the better. Furthermore armed with this data you can make appropriate changes to your content to keep prospects engaged longer
  • Percentage of new visits – useful to know if you are attracting new customers or returning ones.
  • As you can see this is already a wealth of information which is simply essential reading for anyone looking to improve the performance of their online properties. There is a lot more in the Google analytics arsenal however. For example:
  • Traffic sources – where does your traffic come from? You can view a detailed report which categorizes traffic into 3 sections (search engines, direct and referring sites)
  • Keywords – want to know which keywords people are using to find your site? Not a problem
  • Location of searchers – with Google analytics you can easily find out how many people visit your site – not only from every country but even city.
  • Benchmarking – Compare how your site is comparing with others of the same size using a variety of performance indicators.
  • Technical Overview – if you really want to delve into the granular detail it only takes a button push to access data such as what browser, operating systems, connection speeds and much more that people on your site are using. This is great for fine tuning your site so it is accessible to the all of those who visit.


Please note this list here really is only scratching the surface of the information that Google analytics provide. There is quite simply an astonishing volume of statistical data available which can be used to optimize both your site and marketing campaigns. There are many analytics software on the market today, however from our experience none of them offer the range and flexibility that Google does, and did I mention it is free? We strongly believe that adding analytics should be a core element of any SEO campaign

Advanced Analytics

For even more advanced analytics there are great applications in the market place. For example it is actually possible to watch live videos of actual prospects browsing on your site! Using these tools you will discover not just how long prospects spend on each page but also where they focus and where they navigate to.


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