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Google + Listings For Business – Local Listings

Google Places is a business information  portal offered by Google which aims to assist the promotion of local businesses. The Places listings are now run and optimised via Google +.  The listings continue to offer a very important opportunity to rank in Google with local SEO. Such is the competition now for ranking well in Google Places that it pays to have a local SEO professional to optimise your listing. Please take your time to browse through our Google Places business listing packages below.

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What Happens Now?

  • By purchasing one of our Local Google + Business Listings you set in motion a series of events which place your business firmly on the journey to page 1 of Google!
  • First we will send you a form which needs to be completed by you for us to get started on creating your optimised listing. You will need to provide basic information regarding your business including address, email, phone etc and any other information you believe is relevant. Don’t worry we have made this process very clear and extremely painless
  • We will then proceed to create your listing, validate your account and start producing your videos.
  • Once we have fully completed your profile we will then begin the process of submitting citations to the listing.
  • Finally, depending on the package you purchase we will submit reviews for your business on your behalf*
  • You will always have full access to your account so you can view your monthly report which outlines how many impressions and clicks your listing has received over the preceding month


There are several things which need to be done in order to get the most out of your Google + Business listing so why not let the professionals handle it for you.


  • Creation of Google Plus Business Profile
  • 100% completion – Very important to fully complete your profile including correct business information, areas serviced, hours of operation and methods of payment accepted. We also cherry pick keywords for your listing to maximize traffic to your business.
  • Optimised content – You should add 5 professionally optimised videos and 10 correctly formatted images in addition to written content which describes your services accurately but does not include “keyword stuffing” . By doing this you will remain fully compliant with Google Places listing guidelines
  • Categories – Must be relevant, descriptive and most of all properly market analysed with keyword tools.
  • Citations – Completing the profile correctly is only half the job. In order to build trust with Google, your listing should be validated in as many high authority directories as possible. Citations can take anywhere from a day to several months to be approved so please be patient. We submit citations to directories which are constantly monitored to ensure quality.
  • Reviews – Encouraging your customers to review your services which further convince Google of the credentials of your business. Google has recently changed from using the 5 star review system to the integration of Zagat reviews which allow for more detailed and flexible rating system (out of 30 with more ranking criteria)


  1. Use a fixed address as opposed to a PO box and make sure you are trying to attract customers from that area
  2. Better if you have an established email address eg. [email protected] instead of [email protected]
  3. A fixed land telephone line is preferred
  4. Allow some time to set up your profile. Google will send a post card to the address you have specified in order to validate it
  5. Citations work for Google Places listings in the same way that backlinks work for organic SEO. In other words the more relevant citations you can get from high authority directories, the higher your listing will rank in Google places.
  6. Reviews offer legitimacy to your Google places listing – again the more the better. Please note reviews are provided by the business owner.
  7. Upload up to 5 videos all completely unique, geo-targeted and optimized and added to your listing and your YouTube channel
  8. If your business has no local bricks and mortar existence, we can include a local address and phone number for an additional fee.
  9. Add 10 images fully optimised to your Google Places Business listing



Important infomation about using this service:

  • For a new Google Places listing- we can not accept duplicate addresss orbusiness phone numbers. What this means is the business  address can’t be listed in any earlier Google accounts. It is only possible to use a same address & phone  by having a Google places listing updated and optimised during your local SEO campaign
  • You must have the rights to use any pictures or videos that you wish us to use
  • Listings usually take anywhere between a few days to 4 months to achieve the desired ranking from start point.
  • Kaizen Digital reserves the right to not work with any client for any reason. An example of why we would not work with a particular client could be that we are already representing a client in the same area and/or industry. In this case we will refund payment in full without exception


Please click on the “Buy Now” button of your preferred package above  to get started or Contact Kaizen Digital if you would like to discuss further. Alternatively if you would like a customised solution simply send us the keywords and website you would like to rank for and which position you hope to achieve and we will get back to you with an independent quotation.