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Keyword Research Will laser Target Your Search Engine Optimisation

Comprehensive keyword research is absolutely vital for laser targeting your SEO campaign and making certain that you get the biggest bang for your internet marketing buck.

STOP! STOP!! what you are doing and research your keywords before you make another move! This will save you countless hours of wasted efforts. Google keyword research is possibly the most important component of search engine optimization. If your site is optimized for words or phrases which no one is searching for, you may as well not bother to optimize it.

Industry Leading Keyword Research

For quality search engine optimisation Kaizen Digital undertakes keyword research which quite simply is industry leading. Most SEO firms will spend 5 minutes using a free keyword tool to try and track which keywords are the most searched on the search engines.

The Google keyword tool, while extremely useful for gleaning an idea of traffic estimates, is notoriously inaccurate so it pays to cross check the data with other tools and then run an independent campaign to test/ verify the results.
Kaizen Digital embraces a vigorous analysis to unearth Search Engine Optimization opportunities. Our comprehensive process involves 4 major steps:

Keyword Research Tools

Firstly we use 3 separate keyword research tools to get a precise idea of not only how many people are searching for a keyword or phrase monthly and daily, but also to discover in what geographical locations they are searching for these terms. We also check trending data for these terms as seasonal businesses for example can experience huge swings in search results.

Using this keyword research technique we identify a list of potential keywords for your business. In order to illustrate what an impact this can have on your business (lets say a New Zealand Rugby store) please check the variations in how many people search for the following terms/ month

“Current All Blacks” 210 searches/ month
“Past All Blacks” 210 searches/ month
“New All Blacks” 27, 100 searches

Now you may assume the term “New All Blacks” is more difficult to rank well for on Google and in most cases you will probably be right, though this is by no means certain. We must remove the guesswork and KNOW how tough and what precisely is required to rank well for the chosen keyword or phrase.

Competition Analysis

Having identified potentially a great keyword, the second step involves using our keyword research tool to check the top 30 results at Google to see how tough the competition really is. Among other items we verify if the keyword is in the title and/ or URLs of competing websites.

In addition we uncover the age of the sites and number of back links to all websites in top positions.
At this stage we have a reasonable idea of the competition and how difficult or easy it would be to rank for keywords – but it is not enough.

The third step for Kaizen keyword research then involves a detailed competitive analysis which looks more closely at the backlinks and on page SEO of the competition. Our keyword research tools allow us to see where the backlinks to the competition sites come from, what page rank those sites have, how many outward bound links come from that page and what anchor text is used in the linking structure.

Dialogue With Client & Keyword Approval

At this point we compile a list of keywords and phrases with a report on difficulty of ranking. Thus armed we enter into further dialogue with you, our client, to decide on which keywords are to be targeted.Together we prioritize 3 keywords/ page on the website in order of importance. The decision will be based on a combination of competitiveness and traffic volume.

Clearly this is an absolutely vital component of any search engine optimization campaign as it at this point where doing the hard work will later reap the largest benefits. The key is taking the guesswork out of the process and making fully informed decisions to get the best results. In short Kaizen Digital leaves no stone unturned to find out precisely what level of competition is being faced for different keywords and what opportunities exist for your company

Contact Kaizen Digital today for a free SEO consultation and discover out how we can work together to substantially increase targeted traffic to your online presence.

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