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Search Engine Crawling
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What Does Search Engine Crawling Mean?

Without delving into complex mathematical equations it is still possible to understand the basic workings and functionality of search engines. Firstly I want to touch on the concept of spiders. In essence spiders are snippets of computer code which crawl through the web in search of information.

The spiders return to the original page every couple of weeks or so which provides the opportunity for web masters to make modifications and improvements in how the engines evaluate that content.

It is also possible advise the spiders that you have added or changed your content by pinging the networks, which speeds up the process of visitation. Importantly if the spiders cannot comprehend what your content is about, your site will not get indexed or ranked.



While crawling web pages, spiders intend to capture and store the information in a massive database for the benefit of searchers in the future. At the same time spiders evaluate the appropriateness of that information in relation to words and phrases people use to search for the information they desire. This is what is meant by the idea of search engines indexing content



How the information is then ranked is obviously critical to where your business places in the search engines. Please see below to view some of the more important elements in achieving a higher ranking

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