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A Comprehensive site SEO audit will identify search engine optimization opportunities

For every site the sky is limited only by the time and effort you are willing to invest. Thus a comprehensive evaluation will give you clarity and assist with realistic goal setting for the future. At Google SEO we undertake an intensive diagnostic of client sites and believe it is an extremely important foundation of any search engine optimization campaign. Our reports while detailed are extremely readable and self explanatory.

We really do get into the granular detail of both on and off page SEO. With our in-depth site analysis and you can expect to receive a detailed report of the following:

The number of internal / external links on your site
Your Google Page Rank
Alexa Traffic Rank
Site IP and email configuration.
Important meta info such as descriptions and robots visitation (please don’t listen to anyone who tries to claim that meta= keywords still holds any relevance in SEO)
Headings including H1, H2 and Title Tags
Word counts and % of keyword or phrase occurrence (keyword density)

Current Back links Report includes the following info:
How many back links does your site currently have. Generally speaking the more links from other websites that point to your site the better as this helps to tell the search engines of the popularity of your site. Though quality is more important than quantity, particularly if many backlinks are coming from what Google considers “bad neighbourhoods”

Where do those links come from?

Which sites exactly are linking to your site and what is the relevance to your site
What anchor texts do the links contain. Anchor text is a very important ingredient of Search Engine Marketing. If the link to your site contains anchor text with your keywords, then you are clearly informing search engines that your site has a vote for that keyword.

How many Outward bound links are on the source page of the backlink. If there is a link to your site from a page which contains hundreds of more outward bound links then the value of those links decreases.
What is the page rank of the source link. The higher the page rank of the site that is linking to you, the more valuable that link is for your SERP.

Are there any issues such “no follow” links. If a website is linking to your site with a “no follow” clause in the code then this link has no value for search engine rankings. This is not to say the link is useless because if it comes from a high traffic site, then you can still gain website visitors from surfers who click on your link from the referring page.
The purpose of this report is as mentioned to identify SEO opportunities. Armed with this info we can then provide actionable suggestions to significantly improving your position in the search engines.

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