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Social Media Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is a great way to promote your business in the modern world, and has become an integral component of the internet marketers toolkit. Many believe that by engaging clients through these less formal channels, prospects are more likely to open their wallets and purchase products from a company which they “like”.

Solid data on this issue is far from conclusive, and it can be extremely difficult to quantify with a traditional profit making mentality. However it is largely accepted that regardless of direct increased purchases, social media marketing does make significant contributions to brand awareness and viral marketing. In general, studies from Harvard Business School indicate that the largest gains to be made with direct sales are in the mid level income demographic while those in the lower and upper echelons appear to be negligible.

Measure Everything – Build Relationships In The Community

Mediums such as Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn have become synonymous with how users interact on the web and we are able to manage a variety of campaign types to satisfy any strategic goals. The idea is to approach these campaigns in a relationship building fashion. If you simply go for the hard sell and focus only on ROI, your company will find it difficult to gain legitimate traction in the community. Having said that is important to have solid numbers so you always have an understanding of where the campaign is heading

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

There is definitely a place for social media marketing to enhance your internet marketing presence and connect in a less formal manner with your existing clients and prospective customers. The key once you have established your place in the community is to keep an eye on idustry trends. The world of social media is a fast paced and in some cases there may only be a window of 24 hours or even less to get your message out. Once there is a shift or big announcement from your industry which captures the imagination of your fan base, this is the time to really push the envelope.

For example if your business is selling iPhone Apps, you want to be all over your highly targeted Twitter and Facebook fans on as large a scale as possible on the day Apple is doing a big release. Following this strategy it is possible to realize dramatic spikes in traffic. Even if these spikes are short lived you will find it is well worth the effort.


Twitter Marketing

At Kaizen Digital we are  focussed on a range of benefits that real time Twitter marketing can provide. Please also take a look at our tips for using RSS feeds and choosing a Social Media Consultant to maximise exposure. You may also be interested in our professional Facebook Business pages and LinkedIn profiles. If you would like to discuss how we can work together to enlarge your social networking presence please don’t hesitate to Contact Kaizen for a free social media assessment

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