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Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing Can Maximise Your Firm’s Exposure

Blogs are one of the core components of web 2.0 promotion with literally millions of blogs operating all over the world covering every conceivable topic. Posting a relevant and informative comment on blogs can help to significantly grow the backlink portfolio to your website – but you have to do it in the right way.

While important, it is useful to bear in mind that for best results, blog marketing should be employed as only one element of a web 2.0 campaign. It is highly beneficial to use blogs in conjunction with other aspects such as article marketing, social bookmarking and RSS feeds. Think of the blogosphere as an important spoke in the wheel and you will be on the right track

Blog owners generally desire new and fresh content, particularly of course if it is adding value. Spammy comments which state something like “cool site, check out this one…” are simply a waste of time – both for blog owners and the person trying to place links. Just don’t do it. You are risking both the reputation of your site in the eyes of the search engines and your business in general, in addition to cheapening the online experience for users around the world.


So what is the correct manner to comment on blogs?

The solution is threefold:

Firstly you should spend time identifying blogs that will best suit your purposes. Are they relevant to your business? Do they have a high page rank and receive good traffic volumes? Is the blog do follow or no follow? (See below for more details on this). If you can find popular blogs you are likely to drive both search engine spiders and human traffic to your web property.

Taking the time to do research will pay huge dividends as you progress, allowing you to build a relationship with both blog owners and readers. You will be welcomed into that realm and be invited back for comments time and time again

Secondly make sure that you contribute quality comments, which add to the community. Make sure to read or at least skim the post and responses where you want to make a comment – your post has to be relevant. It’s not rocket science! Big effort in preparation will usually be followed by big results, so invest your time wisely.

Thirdly you can create a handful of blogs yourself to which you can add your own unique content as you see fit. While this can be a time consuming exercise (Google SEO can help) the results are worth it because it is you who controls the content.


Do follow and no follow links

A few years ago blog spamming software became widely available and millions of blogs were targeted with useless comments – a shady practise which continues relentlessly today.

As a response, Google and other search engines introduced the “no follow” attribute which essentially removes the SEO value of that link and is prevalent on many blogs today. While the search engines and users can still follow the link, no value (or link juice) is passed on to the destination site.

This is precisely why choosing the right blogs to comment on is important. It is still useful to comment on “no follow” blogs, as a varied linking strategy will help round out your portfolio, however the most value is gleaned from highly trafficked blogs so your site gets the benefit of human click throughs.

Conversely, identifying blogs which are “do follow” is clearly advantageous if you want the value of the link passed on to the destination site.

Kaizen Digital uses industry leading tools to identify blogs which will benefit your business.