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How can podcasting help to promote your business?

Stand out from the competition

In the current environment of user generated content, podcasts offer the ability for anyone to become an expert in their industry. Podcasts are still relatively new and novel and do give your business the opportunity  to stand out.

Optimizing the podcast for the engines

Because podcasts are audio files, they are not as easy to rank as keyword text, however with the right systems in place they can find themselves to the top of Google. From a perspective of purely optimizing the podcast itself there are steps which need to be taken.  For example the name of your show should be well thought out and descriptive for the engines. In addition the mp3 file names must be keyword rich. It is also a good idea to submit to as many relevant podcast directories as possible and consider putting a transcribed version on the web.

Quality content still rules the roost

Like all web 2.0 material, ultimately the quality of the content is where best results will be had. For example it is advisable to mix up the submissions so that rather than just tedious monologues there are for example interviews with other recognized industry leaders.  Topical and relevant issues should be discussed and controversial matters embraced.

Benefits for Internet Marketing

From an internet marketing perspective, podcasts  offer the benefit of links back to your site. In addition, like all web 2.0 submitted content, podcasts can be bookmarked and sent to RSS feeds for maximum exposure. All of this of course will have a significant impact of your search engine rankings.

Kaizen Digital Services

We offer a unique submission service for podcasts that actually takes your video content and strips your audio content for submission as a podcast.  Touch base with us for more information on this service