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Tips For Choosing A Social Media Consultant – Finding An Honest Social Media Consulting Firm

With all hype out there regarding Facebook, Twitter and connecting with your clients in the social media space, it can be difficult to find solid advice. It can be even more difficult to find a credible social media consultant who is not simply trying to milk “the next big thing” for all it is worth. When every man and his dog are trying to position themselves as an expert, how exactly should you decide on reliable social media consulting?

Do they walk the walk or just talk the talk?

Before you fall prey to the smooth talkers out there do a little background on the company’s social media presence.  Now you may well think that you don’t understand the whole thing, but believe me, it is really not all that complicated. Ask for the YouTube channel of your potential social media consultant and just have a quick look at the following:

  • How many videos are on the channel and how is the quality?
  • How many times have the videos been viewed, liked, subscribed to and/or commented on?
  • Have they bothered to customise the channel with their company branding?
  • Where do the videos rank in YouTube for the desired keyword?

This is an extremely easy way to see if the potential provider really understands how to use the medium. If you see that a free Animoto video has been uploaded and 17 people have viewed the video since September 14, 2009 then that is a pretty clear indicator that your potential social media consultant is simply leading you down the garden path.


Do they have a vibrant Facebook page themselves?

Ok so you will need to create an account at FB to be able to view the page of your Social Media Consultant, but it is not hard and just this simple step could save you thousands of dollars!

You will immediately notice:

  • When was the last time they posted something
  • How many people like the page
  • That they don’t have a vanity url
  • If the page has been customised with a visually appealing landing page and strong call to action.
  • Whether they incorporate the latest iFrames technology FB has introduced
  • How and how often they are connecting with their clients
  • You may also wish to know what experience they have with Facebook insights and how campaigns are being measured and tracked?
  • Have they any experience with running Facebook Ads Campaigns and what were the results?

If your potential social media consultant really is an authority with using social media you will soon find out. Follow the link to visit the Kaizen Digital Facebook Fan Page. We are proud to show off what is considered to be best practise in the industry, and as you can see by our fan base people are engaging with us in large numbers


Does the Social Media Consultant get Twitter?

Again spending 20 minutes doing some research on your potential social media consultant could save you thousands of dollars. Have a look at the Twitter page and try to identify the following:

  • Most importantly check how many followers they have and how many they are following.
  • Does the profile have a customised background consistent with company branding?
  • How is the micro blogging site being used? By this I am referring to the content – is it engaging, regular, witty and interesting? Or do they simply spam the twittersphere with links to their next greatest offer?

You may also want to ask your social media consultant some very simple questions which contain a smidgeon of Twitter jargon to keep them on their toes. For example you could ask:

  • How should you use the #hashtags to organise a campaign or
  • How can Twitter marketing generate leads for my business?

How Is The LinkedIn Profile Looking?

There continues to be plenty of buzz around LinkedIn and the recent barnstorming IPO has done nothing to dispel this. LinkedIn is a great place to network and build targeted leads for several reasons, the most important of these being that it is a social network which targets professionals.
It is a good idea not only to have a LinkedIn profile but a fully optimised one at that. If you feel you would like a professional LinkedIn profile and are considering hiring an agency to achieve this, here are a few things you should before making your final decision.

  • How many connections does the agency have?
  • Where do they rank within LinkedIn for their keywords?
  • Have they fully completed the profile including customised links and embedded video?
  • Does the company blog integrate with the profile
  • Which groups do they belong to?
  • Have they created a company profile?
  • Is there Twitter integration?


Hopefully these simple steps will assist you to identify a Social Media Consultant that is not simply trying to empty your pockets. Please feel free to contact Kaizen Digital for a social media consulting assessment and browse through our Comprehensive Social Media Packages.