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Tips For Using RSS Feeds To Promote Your Site
  -    -  Tips For Using RSS Feeds To Promote Your Site

RSS should be a standard instrument in the toolbox of any Search Engine optimizer. Using RSS feeds is great for:

A) Driving traffic to your site
B) Keeping the spiders interested and coming back

Notify users of added content
Firstly by setting up your own feed, users can sign up to be notified when you add content or make changes. This cuts directly through any convoluted email campaigns or newsletters and provides the opportunity for targeted users to directly connect to your site.
Furthermore if your company is distributing any content over the web such as articles, blogs or video then sending those links to RSS feed platforms is a great method for getting those pages indexed quickly and exposing your material to a potentially vast audience.

Receive continuous relevant content
Secondly if you set up a relevant RSS feed on site you will receive a steady stream of new content. Choosing a good feed is worth spending some time on as the more pertinent to your website, the better it will be for SEO purposes.
It is handy to tweak your feed so that you don’t lose page rank and also maximize the keywords. To do this you should include the “no follow” attribute on any of the outward bound links. In addition it is also a good idea wrap the headlines in H3 tags so the engine bots will take notice of the keywords you are targeting with the feed.

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