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Twitter Marketing Complements Search Engine Optimisation Nicely

We help clients to market their business using real time Twitter Marketing strategies to laser target potential customers, and these are not just words – we send hundreds of unique and relevant visitors to our client’s sites every day with Twitter alone.

Ok sure, you may get some followers (who remember have already been to your site) using this method which everyone else sheepily follows, however our experience tells us that the effort just doesn’t warrant the type of results we expect. That is unless of course you are a genuinely highly trafficked site such with millions of hits every day (well a thousand anyway), which unfortunately most sites aren’t. And by the way who said having tons of followers is the best way to use Twitter for promotional means? I don’t know, but whoever it was really needs to go and take a long hard look at herself in the mirror.

It is always important to clear away the hype and delve into the reality of matters at hand, particularly when it comes to internet marketing. We don’t believe in adorning jewellery unless tangible benefits are to be had by doing so.

So what’s the secret?  Much as I would love to tell you, I don’t really want to kill you (we haven’t even met yet) so let’s just say it boils down to understanding how the software really works and all of the functionality that it offers.

Once enlightenment is grasped nirvana will surely beckon. You can be certain that Google SEO not only has an exceptional fundamental understanding of how Twitter marketing works, but also industry leading tools which emphatically reinforce this knowledge on as large a scale as your company desires.