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Use video marketing and leverage the power of Web 2.0. Video is a highly effective medium to communicate with potential customers. Indeed some studies show it to be 6 times more successful than other mediums of online advertising. Using video marketing is such a great way to demonstrate your products, and not only because prospects can easily grasp the message you are trying to convey. In addition if you can point prospects to a highly viewed YouTube channel with hundreds or even thousands of views, it adds a huge amount of prestige and credibility to your business. Add to that the customised branding on your YouTube channel and you can’t go wrong.

By submitting a series of videos you can both build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field which substantially reduces the necessity to “hard sell” your prospects. Let’s be clear, what we are talking about is not putting one video on Youtube, but rather saturating the search engines with your video content for maximum exposure. Of course we will also optimise those videos that do go on Youtube so you have more a decent ranking in the Youtube search engine.

In general it’s a numbers game and we will submit your movies to over 20 video sites saving you time and money. Studies have shown that while YouTube is the dominant provider of video content for Google (not really a surprise considering that Google owns the company) it still makes sense cover all the platforms with your video marketing approach. In addition other platforms are much more prominent in search Yahoo and Bing which again seems logical.

Submitting videos across the web is only the first step in the process of what we can do in a video marketing campaign. In order to really maximize the benefit of your video submissions it is important to harness the power of other web 2.0 mediums.

What this means in essence is furthering your video distribution by bookmarking your submissions, adding them to blogs and article directories, while also creating podcasts. The final step is sending out RSS feeds to really get those Google bots crawling all over your content. The issue of duplicate content should also be considered and kept in mind during the video submission process

By following this system you not only generate large volumes of traffic to your site by way of potential customers having easy accessibility to your content, but also gain many links back to your money page, thus improving your site position in the search engines.

Doing this allows you to dominate competition and virtually guarantees your video will find a top 10 Google ranking very quickly for many keywords. If you have done internet marketing for any length of time you will know that this process can be way too time consuming, well it can be if done manually. Our cutting edge tools however make the whole process a snap which allow you to generate targeted, organic traffic on a large scale.

If you make a video that isn’t just an advertisement, but rather, one that’s entertaining, or informative, there is also the possibility that it can go viral. People will show it to their friends, their friends will show it to their friends and so on. The more people who see your video, the more people they’ll show it to, and the view count can snowball. It is important therefore to make the effort at the start so you are creating quality video content which prospects will value.

Of course, like all good video marketing, the key to success lies in consistency. The more videos you can produce and submit the more exposure your business will have.

We offer monthly packages to fit all of your video marketing requirements from video creation, submission and YouTube optimisation right through to full web 2.0 content distribution for maximum coverage. Contact Kaizen Digital today to discuss your video marketing needs