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What Is Social Bookmarking
  -    -  What Is Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking?
Using social bookmarking to promote your website is a fantastic method for both improving your SERP and driving traffic. In essence social bookmarking sites allow users to bookmark their favourite pages so they can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world. As it is the user who contributes content, this is a web 2.0 concept in one of its most obvious forms.

Combine With Other Web 2.0 Content For Best Results
While it is certainly not advisable to rely solely on bookmarking, if used well and in addition to other web 2.0 channels, you will see very good results. The main benefit is that you get a link back to your site or other content you have distributed over the web which contains the anchor text of your choice. This correlates directly to ranking for those keywords.

Drive Traffic
Furthermore, some bookmarking sites have extremely high page rank which is usually a strong indicator of large volumes of traffic so these links can drive users to your website directly as a referring site.

Correct Application of Bookmarking
Of course, like all web 2.0 marketing, the concept has been abused somewhat by spammers which has resulted in the use of the “no follow” attribute. What this means is that we need to use the technique in a smart way to maximize the benefits. This means choosing your sites wisely, only submitting useful content and above all showing restraint. Web 2.0 marketing will absolutely help your business but you have to add value for it to work well

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