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PPC Services, Adword Campaigns & Adcenter Management

Over the years PPC advertising has become far more competitive and therefore expensive than in the early days. Similar to SEO there are many factors to consider if you really want to get the best return on your investment with PPC campaigns. We offer Adwords certified professionals


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The benefits Of PPC Advertising

The benefits of Pay Per Click advertising are well known to every business. You get to have your business immediately listed at the top or to the side of the search engine results in the sponsored listing areas.  Clearly this is fantastic if
a)    you are a new company and want to start promoting your products or services straight away
b)    you want to test a new product or service
c)    your keywords are extremely competitive
d)    you don’t want to wait to achieve a high ranking with organic search

In saying that, how many times have you heard someone say they got burned by PPC or if wasn’t very successful? If you are anything like us you have heard this many, many times. The key is get the best position at the lowest possible bid.


How to get a good position among the sponsored links?

It is not as simple as just offering the highest bid for your keywords. Google is more concerned with providing relevance and value to their users so other considerations come into play. One such consideration is the click through rate (ctr). The higher your ctr the better your chance of obtaining good spots for  less money.  Another factor is your keyword and  its prominence in the title and body of your advertising copy.


Split Testing

Running a successful PPC campaign takes time. It is very important to test, tweak and test your campaigns. Split testing is a process which allows you to consider variables from a variety of angles until you hit on the winning formula

Let Kaizen Digital  Run Your Sydney PPC Campaign

Kaizen Digital has extensive experience in running PPC campaigns. Contact us with your specific requirements and realize the full potential of your paid advertising. In additon we offer extensive competitive intelligence on your competitor’s PPC campaign including average daily spend and keywords targeted