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Digital content strategy and writing

Digital Content Writing & Strategy

Writing maestro and content strategist at your service. Kaizen Digital’s skills intersect the realms of science and business. We specialises in digital content/ information management, technical writing, SEO, online strategy, thought leadership, business copy, academic, and other digital content writing with a focus on web projects, content and business process strategy, reporting, investment and proposal writing, white papers, high quality long piece blog posts, and world-class research. Current projects are in the cannabis space, but Kaizen Digital has a broad range for a variety of audiences and genres.
At the heart of everything we do is the Kaizen project management methodology based on continuous improvement and maximising productivity from lean budgets.

Technical writing capabilities: Includes high-level reporting that incorporates spreadsheets, focus groups, ppt, video, seminars, and data visualisations. We a systematic approach and embraces deep analytics for evidenced-based and data-driven content development strategies. Kaizen Digital is highly experienced at coding, summarising, categorising, managing, writing, editing, and analysing the following types of digital content: government and policy documents, mass and niche media, editorials, industry periodicals, social media and user forums, Youtube, eCommerce platforms, public health big data, work scope proposals, workgroup minutes, internal corporate communications, process documentation, technical writing guides, and much more.

We are able to synthesise complex information while conveying findings in a clear and engaging style targeted to the audience. In addition, as standard practice we write search engine friendly content based on strong keyword research, appropriate density, and technical formatting ‘on-page’ of titles, headings, and links, while also ensuring clear readability and logical information flows.

Experienced and flexible: KD is experienced at managing digital information across large organisations such as universities and corporations both internally and externally.

Former projects for Australian businesses include: web project management, strategy and consultation, analytics, data migration and backup, competitor analysis, market insights, reputation management, surveys, SOPs, online training and webinars, focus groups, data management, EDM, SEM, and SEO (traffic surge specialists).
We look forward to hearing from you to understand your specific requirements.

Training and Education Materials 

Course design

Term, semester, and full year curricula

Lesson plans

Evaluation criteria


User manuals






Works Agreements



Payment terms

Report Writing


Made to spec

Regulatory Compliance Documents

Licensing applications

Compliance reviews

Business Process Writing

Business plans


Standard operating procedures (SOP)

Policy and procedures

Team member records

Sales pipelines

Marketing strategy

Lead tracking

Lead status

Articulating key performance indicators (KPI)

Marketing processes and calculating return on investments (ROI)

Client tracking

Invoicing and payment solutions

Content strategy tools:

CRM, consumer engagement, and project management:

• Zoho CRM and project (sales pipeline, lead tracking, task ownership, status and milestone tracking)
• Risk assessment templates and matrices (severity vs likelihood modelling)
• Xero (budgets, profit/loss, financial reporting, invoicing)
• Excel
• Collaborative documents/ cloud computing
• Multicriteria decision analysis matrix

Data management and manipulation:
• NVivo
• Endnote
• Microsoft Office & Google suite of applications
• Amazon Web Services (EC2)
• WeVideo
• Photoshop
• Dreamweaver

Enterprise analytics:
• Google Analytics
• Piwik
• Heat maps for advanced analytics and conversion optimisation
• Proprietary

• WordPress
• Drupal
• Intranet/ Sharepoint

Keyword research:
• Google Keyword Tool
• Market Samurai
• User and industry feedback

Competitor analysis

Business process automation:
• Mail Chimp
• Hootsuite (social media management)
• Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
• Xero
• Customised auto data-aggregation tools
• Zoho
• Off shore teams