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Web Domination Program
  -  Web Domination Program

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Start Dominating The Web

The program is also entirely flexible and can be scaled up or down with ease according to your requirements.

Gone are the days when a simple SEO program will ensure you get top rankings for a variety of keywords in Google. Particularly in highly competitive business sectors, in order to truly obtain a dominant presence on the internet it is absolutely vital to engage a variety of web platforms in your online marketing strategy.


While we offer each of these services individually, by combining these 5 aspects into one package we are able to provide significant discounts.


The Kaizen Digital Web Domination consists of 5 major components:


Suburb Targeting

We will create a page for every suburb in your city! Yes you heard that right. This a major component of your Web Domination program. In Sydney for example there is approximately 300 suburbs and you will be ranking on page 1 in Google for all of them!!  We create every page with SEO at the heart of everything we do. All pages will feature unique content overview, list of services, map and correctly formatted page titles, headings, keyword density and internal linking. The benefits of this strategy are three fold:

  • Vastly increased traffic
  • You will start to rank on Goolge for literally thousands of “long tail”high conversion search enquiries
  • Higher conversions


Search Engine Optimisation

Our Powerhouse SEO expertise have a proven track record for massively increasing traffic to your site. Using the K7b pioneered methodology, the program can guarantee to get you page 1 Google listings for agreed keywords.  This component of the program targets both highly competitive keywords in tandem with the above suburbs and services


Optimised Google Places Listings

Google Places is a business information  portal offered by Google which aims to assist the promotion of local businesses. The Places listings are now run and optimised via Google +.  The listings continue to offer a very important opportunity to rank in Google with local SEO. Such is the competition now for ranking well in Google Places that it pays to have a local SEO professional to optimise your listing.


Google Adwords Campaign

Over the years PPC advertising has become far more competitive and therefore expensive than in the early days. Similar to SEO there are many factors to consider if you really want to get the best return on your investment with PPC campaigns. We offer Adwords certified professionals



In order to assure your website gets the exposure it needs, it is extremely important that your site gets links from high authority websites such as universities, government sites and industry associations. These links are simultaneously extremely valuable and difficult to obtain. We will work with you to contact and obtain the links required to give your site unbreakable authority in search engines
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